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Linux Sockets: Which process listens to a port?

Developing software using sockets almost always involves starting, stopping, debugging multiple processes, opening and closing sockets. The processes may or may not work properly as differing stages of development creates “interesting” problems. To complicate matters, multiple systems frequently add to … Continue reading

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Our Confusion with Software

Our brief period of computer technology has witnessed a unique phenomenon of human history. In all this time software has been almost unimaginably bad and poses a danger to humanity. Imagine a psychosis of incredible proportions in which the people … Continue reading

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Easy Py Messaging

The advent of inexpensive but powerful single board computers such as Raspberry Pi, Arduino and others opens the possibly of connecting many of these boards to perform tasks cheaply and conveniently. Traditionally clusters and grids of computers were relegated to … Continue reading

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Duplicated Code

Duplicated code must surely rank near the top for bad code. The problem is that a new feature or bug will surely cause changes to one clone. Then the other clones will be silently ignored. This will likely create incorrect … Continue reading

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Duplicated Code: What to do?

How much does duplicated code really cost a project? I’ve tried to find studies detailing the cost of duplicate code within projects. We can all spout the problems these clones produce, but can we quantify? Apparently not. One pundit suggests … Continue reading

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