Chapter 4: Logger and Server Enhancements

Enhancing log_client and log_server

The previous versions of log_client, called “log_cmd”, and log_server were indeed primitive.

While these could be used as they are written, with a few additional options, they could turn into really useful tools.

The log_server could become the core of a solid system much more easily extended to whatever application it lives in. Using log_server in most any application could be as simple as “import log_server” and calling a few routines.

Additions to log_server include adding logs to a database, filtering the logs either before or after storage, a graphical module that reads from either text or database storage, etc.

The log_client should remain as a test and performance utility passing test logs to log_server. Executing log_client from different systems using “host=” and with multiple instances could really exercise system capabilities.

Measuring systems throughput and loading times can result in overall confidence of systems worthiness.

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